About Faverie

Faverie (French variation of Favorite) is dedicated for people looking for inspiration and want to discover new information to make everyday more meaningful and memorable in this journey called life. On our site, we have organized our favorite topics by interest to bring you inspirational videos from across the web, and innovative videos developed by our own Faverie creators. All covering the most inspirational, entertaining, uplifting and humorous stories, trending news, and new ideas. Watch out for exclusive interviews and insider's view of the world.

The site serves as a community so others can spread knowledge worth sharing and post short videos based on what they follow or love over the web. We encourage people like you to post your own videos to create visibility and share with the world, whether it's from your personal lifestyle tips, stories, inspirational events and experiences. It's free to register!

As part of your journey here, you can save your ‘Fave’ videos in your Favorites collection and share with your friends and families. People from all around the world can enjoy Faverie. We hope that you find what inspires you and contribute in the way that is meaningful to you. Our mission is to inspire everyone to be the best that they can be.

"And I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.." - U2 ... "Until Now." - Faverie

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