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Welcome to FAVERIE

The best fashion brands from around the world delivered to your home with no hassles.

Tommy hilfiger men faverie

Tommy Hilfiger

Preppy and classic American style.

Armani men faverie

Armani Exchange

Elegance and simplicity.

Hackett men faverie


Heritage and iconic British design.

Men shoes faverie


A great pair of shoes to complete any outfit.

Men suits blazers faverie

Suits & Blazers

Suit up, blazer up, style up.

Winter is finally here!

Stay fashionable all winter with Faverie. Get the latest trends delivered to your door. Keep warm and look stylish!

Fall men faverie
Levis men faverie


Iconic, classic, denim.

Calvin klein men faverie

Calvin Klein

Minimalist, comfortable, casual chic.

Ralph lauren men faverie

Ralph Lauren

Sophisticated, aspirational, timeless.

Men coats jackets faverie

Jackets & Coats

Cardigans, leather jackets, peacoats, shearlings, and more. 

Men shirts faverie


Any style, color, or material, find the perfect shirt for you.

Dress with style men faverie

Feel Confident, Dress with Style

Looking for something casual? Take a look at our polos, t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, and more.

Adidas men faverie


Performance and innovation.

Reebok men faverie


Modern and trendy.

K way men faverie


Practical and functional Parisian design.

Men polos t shirts faverie

Polos & T-Shirts

T-shirts, polos, v-neck… An item for any occasion.

Men jeans pants faverie

Jeans & Pants

Classic, chino, denim, trousers, and more.

Spring is Coming Up!

Get your wardrobe ready with Faverie. The best fashion finds of the spring season and enjoy up to 75% off on more than 5,000 items.

Summer faverie men
Karl lagerfeld men faverie

Karl Lagerfeld

Parisian-inspired styles with rock-chic ease.

Orient men faverie


Craftsmanship, precision, and beauty.

Piquadro men faverie


Functional, reliable, and original.

Men accessories faverie


Belts, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, ties, wallets, and more.

Men watches faverie


The best addition to any outfit.

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  • Cutoff jeans: how to cut jeans into shorts – step by step

    Cutoff Jeans: How to cut jeans into shorts – Step by Step

    Your closet and drawers are probably filled with different styles of shorts for those glorious, warm summer months. However, you can extend your wardrobe without having to spend a penny by grabbing a pair of old jeans and turning them into shorts. 

    The cutoff jean short is a classic clothing item that can be dressed up and down. They can be paired with all kinds of different shirts, shoes, and accessories. While you can purchase a pair of denim cutoff shorts, you should try making a pair of your own…

  • 28+ types of aesthetics in fashion: complete guide and tips

    28+ Types of Aesthetics in Fashion: Complete Guide and Tips

    Have you discovered your aesthetic? When you do, it can revolutionize your entire world and cause you to be happier each day.

    In this post, I will discuss the term aesthetics and how you can apply it to your wardrobe. Then, I will tell you about 28 different aesthetics before giving you a plan to follow to find your aesthetic…

  • What to wear to a baby shower? 20+ outfit ideas & tips

    What to wear to a baby shower? 20+ Outfit Ideas & Tips

    Have you recently been invited to a baby shower? Are you being honored as the mother-to-be at a baby shower? This type of event is such a joyous occurrence, and it’s important that you’re dressed appropriately. 

    Of course, there are different details that should be taken into consideration when choosing your outfit, such as potential weather, location, theme, and more. In the following chapters, we’re going to take a look at all of these details, as well as some of the rules of dressing for a baby shower…

  • 47+ types of pants [a-z] + outfit ideas for men & women

    47+ Types of pants [A-Z] + Outfit Ideas for Men & Women

    If I was to offer to clean your closet and drawers where you keep your clothes, how many types of pants would I find? If you are like many people, I will see less than seven types of pants. Yet, there are over 48 styles available.

    In this post, I will discuss some of them and share ideas about how to wear them. I will also share some history about pants and give you some buying advice…

  • What to wear on a first date: 19+ men & women outfits

    What to wear on a first date: 19+ Men & Women Outfits

    Imagine that you just got a text message inviting you on a first date or that you have agreed to go on a blind date. Once you agree, you start panicking about what you will wear on the date.

    A survey of 2,000 adults shows that women go on first dates an average of 11 times before they are content that they have found the right one. Meanwhile, men go on an average of 15 dates before they find the person they want to date regularly…

  • How to clean leather shoes and boots: ultimate guide 2023

    How to clean leather shoes and boots: Ultimate Guide 2023

    When you purchase a pair of leather shoes or boots, you’re investing in an item that will hopefully last for many years. 

    Real leather is a high-quality material that is durable, attractive, and resistant to a lot of different stains as well as wear and tear. In order to protect your investment, regularly cleaning and polishing your shoes and boots is a good idea…

  • 80s fashion: complete guide – trends, types, tips & outfits

    80s Fashion: Complete Guide – Trends, Types, Tips & Outfits

    The 1980s were filled with amazing music, great movies, and bold fashion trends. We look back on that decade in amazement because we have lived anything like it again. While our clothing items have changed quite a bit since that point, we still have a lot of respect for what was being designed in that decade. 

    Not to mention, the articles of clothing that were popular in the 1980s are still used today. We’re still sporting leggings, Converse sneakers have never gone away, and you’ll see quite a few scrunchies on the heads of teens and young women right now…

  • Attire guide: every dress code explained – dress like a pro

    Attire Guide: Every Dress Code Explained – Dress like a Pro

    Have you recently been invited to an event with a dress code? Alternatively, your employer may have instituted one at work, or you may be thinking about going on a vacation, and you’ve just seen that the resort or cruise line has a dress code. Regardless of where you have encountered the term dress code, the attire you wear needs to follow it.

    Yet, you might think that whoever invented the dress code lived in some magical land because you have no idea how to apply the dress code to your wardrobe…

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