Entertaining movie that has a good cast. It is Tyler Perry’s movie so you will have to remember that he is telling a story through his lens and expertise.

Taraji P. Henson has proved herself as an award winner with playing heroes on “Hidden Figures” and “Empire.” She has proved herself again in “Acrimony” playing a character who is no hero though. Taraji is the narrator of the film and you will question if her story is reliable. Taraji does exude bitterness and anger about her life events. It is interesting that the younger version of Taraji plays the same character in “Empire.”

The movie is a serious drama that unfolds and explores a disintegrating marriage between two troubled people. Tyler Perry did a good job spinning it off like fatal attraction. It is a thriller intended to make things look scattered, wrath and unpredictable. There’s drama throughout the movie and you wonder if you are to cheer for her or other ambiguous characters. Taraji’s character goes blind with uncontrollable rage and obsession, but you wonder if this woman just needs help, not judgement.